Congratulations to our 2012 scholarship recipients!


This year, Cloverdale Community Dollars for Scholars was honored to present to $16,000 in scholarship monies to twenty-five 2012 graduates of Cloverdale Community High School.

The recipients were Katie Arnold, Ethan Atwood, Chauncey Baker, Matthew Brezina, Jordan Brinkman, Tyler Carrell, Sarabeth Couch, Brian Dale, Joe Fidler, Katie Fulkerson, Brook Gray, Chelsea Hughes, Kara Knapp, Chelsea Leach, Cameron Mann, Samantha McHugh, Devon Nees, Mariah Oetken, Hannah Ramey, Joe Rumley, Donnie Sandusky, Kali Shadwick, Carla Strunk, Mitch Williams, and Jessica Willis.

Thanks to our affiliation with Scholarship America, eight of our students received a matching $500 scholarship from their respective schools, bringing our total benefit to $20,000.